Hard chromium

Technical hard chromium-plating using the Durit®-special process:


  • Mass hard chromium-plating
  • Heavy hard chromium-plating
  • Multilayer hard chromium-plating (M-DURIT®-special process)
  • Matt hard chromium-plating
  • Electrolytic matt hard chromium-plating
  • Structured surfaces with defined roughness
  • Satin®-special process
  • Hydrophile hard chromium-plating
  • Combined plating (chromium – PTFE)

Max. Dimensions

  • Diameter 3’200 mm
  • Length 12’000 mm
  • Weight 25t

Base materials

  • All types of steel (including hardened, nitrided and stainless etc.)
  • Castings
  • Copper, brass, bronze, nickel-silver and brazed joints
  • Aluminium
  • Zinc
  • Nickel-plated workpieces
  • Carbon fibre-reinforced plastics

Basically, all metallic materials can be chromium-plated. An excessively high chromium alloying share (greater than 25 %) may have a disruptive effect.

Since pretreatment must be matched to the base material, it is absolutely essential to know the precise designation. Highly martensitic steels tend towards hydrogen brittleness.